My fence in Your yard…


I’m just going come right out and say this as clear as I can…if you are not exactly sure of the boundary lines and the location of all improvements including those tanks buried under ground on a piece of property you are preparing to purchase, hire a surveyor.

One of the most common problems in a real estate transaction discovered after the sale is a boundary line issue.  In almost every case that I have seen a new survey would have revealed the problem.  Most commonly it is a driveway or fence that inches over onto a neighbors land.  In a more extreme case a home buyer  built a home on a lot in a new home community.  All the legal work including their ownership deed and mortgage referenced the purchase of another lot the builder owned.  As a result, they owned a very expensive house situated on a piece of real estate they did not own and it was discovered years later when they decided to sell.

Many buyers rely on tax maps, subdivision plats, plot plans, concrete markers, flags, iron pins , natural barriers and a number of other monuments to identify the boundaries,  In most cases these identifiers are accurate, but in any case a new survey will be a good tool for future improvements and dividing of a parcel.

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